Cornell Ski and Snowboard Club

September 14, 2020

Elana Chase, Freeski Program Director

Nick became a member of SSCV this year and originates from Kinderhook, NY. He's excited to assist his snowboarders end up being the best they may be while achieving their personal short and long-term goals. Nick is definitely an IFSA licensed coach and it has trained a range old groups.

He analyzed Horticulture and graduated this year so when he isn’t training you'll find him biking, rafting and farming.

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Justin became a member of SSCV in 2014. He originates from Beamus Point, New You are able to. Justin finished the College of Northern Colorado in 2013 having a degree in Entertainment, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Justin is devout to build up strength and talent in the sports athletes. His past being an ice-hockey player has trained him worth of effort and concentrate. Like a coach, Justin aims to pass through along individuals training, helping sports athletes become effective off and on the slopes. As he isn’t training he likes biking and lifting weights.

Tim showed up at SSCV in 1989 and originates from Sherborn, MA. Tim is definitely an accomplished skier he competed around the UMass Ski Team, he would be a Professional Mogul Skier within the 80’s and won numerous races. He's an amount 200 licensed coach and is part of both USSA and PSIA. His goal for his sports athletes would be to make Excellent Finals.

Max Silver, Freeski Rookie Team CoachTim attended UMass and graduated in 1982 having a BA in Financial aspects. When Tim isn’t training and shredding he loves cycling, golf, rock climbing and walking his dogs.

From Cortland, NY, Matt was raised skiing and rivaling current pros like Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Lj Strenio, and also the Didali siblings (Ahmet and Giray). Walked from skiing to pursue a collegiate lacrosse career. After achieving All American status like a senior, Matt gone to live in Vail to participate the Ski and Rid School. His goal for training would be to inspire desire for skiing and also to create possibilities for children to satisfy their potential.

Garrett became a member of SSCV in 2002. He's initially from South Tigard, ME. He's licensed with USSA, PSIA and IFSA. His goal for his sports athletes this year would be to promote an atmosphere to assist them to end up being the best sports athletes and humans they are able to.

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