Ski Patrol Snowboard

February 11, 2021
Ski Patrol Snowboard

Tips for safe skiing and ridingA couple of quick tips from Vail Ski Patrol to make certain you remain safe while you’re getting fun around the mountain!

1) Don’t stop in which you can’t be viewed
Before you decide to arrived at a complete stop, browse around you and also make sure your presence won’t be an unexpected to anybody skiing up behind you – what this means is staying away from preventing inside a dip, around a clear, crisp corner, etc.

2) Look uphill when you are being released from the trees
Love entering the trees for any little off-piste exploration? That’s fine, just realize that whenever you emerge from the trees, the folks on the move will have the best of way. Make sure to look uphill before being released from the trees and yield to the oncoming snowboarders or riders.

3) How to proceed if you discover any sort of accident
If you notice someone that’s fallen and wish to help, first secure the region by crossing skis or planting a snowboard uphill in the person. When the person is actually just past a roll within the slope, do that on top of the roll to ensure that nobody accidentally skis or rides in to the scene. If you're not able to put a ski or snowboard like a warning, differentiate themselves from the individual and wave your arms to warn other snowboarders and riders from the area.

When the area is safe, call Ski Patrol’s emergency line at 970-754-1111 and have someone go locate an emergency phone, lift house or mountain worker to help make the call. Patrol will have to know in which the accident has occurred so be as precise as possible in explaining the way title and placement. Patrol will first distribute a scout to verify the place and get in touch with the right staff for that injuries.

Should you ever have questions, Ski Patrol is satisfied to assist! You may either give them a call on their own non-emergency line at 970-754-4610 or visit among the Ski Patrol stations situated round the mountain (marked around the trail map). They likewise have extra loaner gear available just in case you have forgotten/dropped mittens, hats, rods and other generally misplaced products.

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ski patrol look snowboarder crashing PinPin
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