Skiing Versus Snowboarding

June 21, 2015
Winter is rapidly approaching

USPicture_logosSnowboarders tend to be more fashion-conscious than snowboarders, snowboarders are elegant consumers, along with other data findings offer marketing understanding of brand preferences

Following our, Exponential profiled 1000's of snowboarders and snowboarders within the United kingdom and US to garner experience to their online interests*. Our findings have significant implications for businesses associated with the multi-big global snow sports industry:

1. Snowboarders go awesome and casual snowboarders stay with more inticate put on

Apparel sales constitute a large slice of the three.4 big US snow sports industry 51% of online purchases and 34% of niche store purchases in 2013 were for apparel (SIA). Our data reflected this, particularly with snowboarders, who demonstrated a more powerful curiosity about apparel and add-ons than snowboarders.

Snowboarders boast a noticeably casual style in comparison to any or all internet customers, they’re 21x more into hoodies, 6x more into t-t shirts, and 5x more into shades. Though US snowboarders are 29% less thinking about apparel shopping than US ‘boarders, they certainly have more inticate clothing preferences they’re much more likely than snowboarders to look by brand, and much more for suits and sexy dresses.

UKPicture_logosJust like the American audience, British snowboarders also demonstrated a more powerful curiosity about winter put on and fashion than their skier alternatives. However, the United kingdom snowboarder and skier audiences do share a typical favorite accessory: hats (how quintessentially British of these)! United kingdom snowboarders really are a whopping 44x interested in hats than average internet customers, and snowboarders are 37x more.

2. Beauty is just Skin Sweater Deep…for both snowboarders and snowboarders

Though both United kingdom and US snow sports audiences show more than average curiosity about winter put on, they’re less thinking about something that comes under it – for example cosmetics, skincare, and hair styles. Makes sense…especially for snowboarders, who're well-hoodied in america and well- hatted within the United kingdom – no-one can take a look at their head of hair around the slopes.

Skiing vs Snowboarding - Which Are You?
Skiing vs Snowboarding - Which Are You?
FIRST ASCENT: Skiing Vs. Snowboarding in the Backcountry
FIRST ASCENT: Skiing Vs. Snowboarding in the Backcountry
skiing vs snowboarding
skiing vs snowboarding

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