Best ski resorts Washington State

December 11, 2014

In addition to the thrill of the slopes, skiers in Washington enjoy breathtaking scenery.Additionally towards the thrill from the slopes, snowboarders in Washington enjoy breathtaking scenery. (Photo: ski resort image by frederick pankey from )

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Using the Cascade Mountain tops running lower the middle, the condition of Washington is stuffed with ski resorts offering amenities like ski rental, restaurants and lodging close to the state’s best-groomed slopes. Additionally to downhill skiing, several resorts have terrain parks for snowboarders and groomed trails for mix-country snowboarders, creating a Washington ski resort the perfect winter destination.

49° North

Chewelah Peak hosts the 49° North Mountain Resort, which boasts open groomed runs, tree skiing, moguls and desert dried powder. Additionally towards the skiing facilities, the Terrain Park gives snowboarders a location to experience. Beginner and kids' programs, each day care, the All downhill Shop and dining at Calispell Creek Lodge make 49° North a household-friendly ski resort.

49° North
PO Box 166
3311 Flowery Trail Rd.
Chewelah, WA 99109
(509) 935-6649

Whitened Pass Ski Resort

Whitened Pass is situated just 12 miles southeast of Mount Rainier Park. The mountain receives over 300 inches of snow every year and it has single, 500-feet vertical drop. The top Hill Adult Ski Clinic and Kids’ Clinic permit the whole family to experience together within the snow. Comfortable lodging with private kitchen areas and baths can be found in the Whitened Pass Village Motel.

Whitened Pass Ski Resort
48935 US Highway 12
Whitened Pass, WA 98937
(509) 672-3101

Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park

Mount Spokane is simply 28 miles in the downtown section of Spokane, Washington, while offering 1, 425 acres of skiing over 2Thousand vertical ft. This resort hosts the biggest ski school in the area. In the summit from the mountain Vista House welcomes visitors for snacks and hot drinks before they plummet lower the mountain on the move of the choice. Snowmobile access in to the resort is permitted.

Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park
29500 N Mt. Spokane Park Dr.
Mead, WA 99012
(509) 238-2220

Mission Ridge Ski Resort

Mission Ridge sits around the east side from the Cascades and it has over 26 designated runs covering 2Thousand acres of land. The accommodation is recognized because of its quality snow and 300 times of sunshine every year. The Two, 250-feet vertical drop guarantees that snowboarders possess a thrilling experience. In the summit visitors can easily see Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Stuart, the Enchantments and also the Columbia River below, which makes it worth the ride to the peak on the high-speed quad lift.

Mission Ridge Ski and Snowboard Resort
PO Box 1668
Wenatchee, WA 98807
(509) 663-6543

Mount Baker Ski Area

Mount Baker gains fame for finding the greatest quantity of annual snow from over 740 ski areas in The United States. Which means that visitors enjoy natural snow once they visit. This Year, Skiing Magazine granted Mount Baker the Least Lift Lines award. The accommodation offers training programs for snowboarders of any age and many ability levels.

Mount Baker Ski Area

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