Best value ski resorts

December 15, 2015
The best value ski resorts

Skiing on the eastern slopes of the Schilthorn, SwitzerlandSkiing around the eastern slopes from the Schilthorn, Europe. Photograph: Stefan Hunziker Stefan Hunziker/Europe Tourism

The way we made it happen

This interactive is made to rank ski resorts by good value. To get this done we requested Christophe Schrahe, a German ski author and consultant, who this past year individually measured pistes in most major resorts in Europe and located some discrepancies between your piste length provided by the accommodation and also the measures he found.

With this interactive he required four factors into consideration: piste length, snow reliability, how crowded the slopes are, and also the number and excellence of restaurants – and granted points for every factor. Then he added what exactly for every resort together and divided it by the price of a good start pass to provide a general ranking. Which means this interactive is solely helpful tips for the price of skiing, and what you'll get for your (when it comes to snow reliability etc), instead of say, the price of accommodation or perhaps a package holiday.

Piste length (in km)

Slopes were situated by utilizing trail maps, winter aerial pictures or GIS-data from ski resorts. The size of the slopes is dependant on the center lines between your left and also the right fringe of slopes. Wrinkles were established largely by using Google Earth's polygon tool. High all downhill touring slopes aren't incorporated.

How crowded

It was calculated by dividing skiable surface through the lift capacity.

Snow reliability

Average annual snowfall, snowmaking capacity and temps were taken into account to be able to judge overall snow reliability.


The amount and excellence of restaurants was supplied by skiresort.p, a completely independent ski site that tests all resorts.

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