Blue Mountain Springs Resort

February 5, 2019

Mountain Springs Resort Condos are situated throughout the bottom of Blue Mountain tops north finish. Each one of the nine condo complexes features four condo styles. In '09, a multimillion dollar interior restoration program started.

Today, most of the condos feature the next:

  • Upgraded kitchen &lifier lavatories
  • Granite countertops
  • Attached to the wall 32” lcd TV’s
  • Free wi-fi
  • Ac
  • New carpet and tile
  • New furniture
  • Major kitchen home appliances
  • Private decks plus much more

All crafted with a local designer to capture the initial mountain side lifestyle.

Studio Suite

Lodging for approximately four visitors. Creative open concept includes full mattress and double sofa mattress. Studio suites offer both efficiency and great value.

  • Sleeps : 4
  • Lavatories : 1
  • Beds : 1 Full
  • Sofa beds : 1 Double

One Bed room Suite

Spacious sleeping for four visitors. Features one private bed room furnished having a full mattress as well as for extra visitors a dual sofa mattress within the living space.


Studio Attic Suite

Made to sleep six visitors. We’ve added another level attic towards the studio and produced a vaulted ceiling within the family room. Basic level features living space full mattress along with a double sofa mattress. Top of the level attic offers additional resting on a full mattress.

  • Sleeps : 6
  • Lavatories : 2
  • Beds : 2 Queens

One Bed room Attic Suite

Probably the most spacious option the main one bed room plus attic sleeps six. The primary floor private bed room provides a full mattress. The vaulted living space includes a double sofa mattress. The 2nd level attic overlooks the family room while offering a full mattress.


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